How a content strategy affects conversions and reduces the cost of attracted subscribers. Using the example of Petrodiet brand promotion
About the project
Petrodiet specializes in the production of diabetic and dietary products. The brand's range is widely represented in well-known chain stores, such as Lenta, as well as in a large online store Ozon
Project goals and tasks
Since the company does not sell its products directly through social networks, the main task for social networks was to increase company recognition, work with the corporate image and, consequently, attract subscribers to the community
Barriers and solutions
We must admit that at the beginning of working on the project, we chose the wrong content strategy and messages in our ads. When you work often with commercial projects, you start to get used to the fact that the client always wants to see "sales", but Petrodiet is not about that. The company wanted to build a social media community in which people could communicate and learn a lot of new interesting (and useful) information for themselves, in short, to be a community of interests for their target audience. During the first advertising campaign, we noticed a great interest in the products among two categories of people: those who suffer from diabetes and those who are overweight. Therefore, when building a new content strategy, we chose categories that would help close the pain of these particular categories of people
What was done:
After testing the campaigns, we decided to change our list of headings and move away from mostly selling content to the following topics:
Healthy Dessert Recipes
Weekly menu for 1200 and 1500 kcal
Principles of proper nutrition
Health Promotion Tips
Selling Content
Motivation for a healthy lifestyle
Life without sugar!
The Petrodiet company itself is located in St. Petersburg, and since we are in Saratov, we decided to conduct all the shooting independently. In this case, we could control the entire shooting process and prepare all the necessary photos according to the content plan. This makes it easier for us to create animations, as well as shoot backstages that are always interesting to subscribers and fit perfectly into the Stories format. We had several ideas for the style of the photoshoot, so firstly we collected the works of our photographers, as well as models, and before the photoshoot we put together a grid visual so that the customer could choose which style and photographer they like the most and what style is suitable for its products. We offered several options to choose from and agreed on the following
Photoshoot reference
The design of Petrodiet products is quite bright, and it is this energy and brightness of the packaging that we decided to convey in the shooting of products, diluting subject photos with model shooting

We changed the offers in the ad campaign, and now we have started encouraging people to go to the profile for a specific benefit for them
Before and after
Not only the offers have changed, but also the visual of the ad. Mostly pictures with unhealthy delicious dishes were used

After revising the content strategy, the first version of the grid looked like this
Example of a grid before and after switching to a new content strategy
After relaunching our ad campaigns, we started to see how the price per click dropped from 8 rubles to 3 rubles, but unfortunately, the growth in the number of subscribers almost unchanged. We assumed that when following an ad for a response, a person could not immediately find publications that correspond to advertising teasers, although the topic itself was close and interesting to them. In order to increase the conversion rate from click-through to subscriber, we decided to test and change the grid visual. We developed bars with text for useful categories, so that the necessary information could immediately catch the eye of everyone who clicked on the ads to the account

Example of a new grid
It turned out to be the right decision. After changing the visual range, we managed to reduce the price per subscriber from 18 rubles to 8

Many topics turned out to be really interesting and useful for our target audience, which is shown by a large number of saved publications
Before and after
Working with traffic
The first 2 months of working with traffic for testing audiences, ads, and offers

Audiences: we tested different segments: athletes, moms, diabetics, losing weight, in the end, the most effective were the following:
Audience based on interests Сonfectionery products and sweets / women / 35-50 years old

Audience based on interests Plus-size clothing / women / 35-50 years old

Audience based on interests Confectionery products and sweets / women / 20-34 years old

Audience based on interests Fast Food / women / 20-45 years old

Audience based on interests Plus-size clothing / women / 20-34 years old

Audience based on interests Diet and Body Weight / women / 20-34 years old

Audience based on interests Diet and Body weight / women / 35-50 years old
Ads: we tested ads with images of girls, sweets (candy, cookies), and Petrodiet products. The most effective images were those with delicious buns and croissants
Ads before/after
As a result of 2 months of work, we received the following results:
The first month
Second month
Total for November-December
Cost per click in the 1st month: 7.17 rubles
Cost per click in the 2nd month: 4.02 rubles
Subscriber growth in the 1st month: 636
The average cost of a subscriber in the 1st month: 18.8 rubles
Subscriber growth in the 2nd month: 627
The average cost of a subscriber in the 2nd month: 19 rubles
The cost per click has been reduced by almost 2 times. But there were no more subscribers

According to click-through statistics, it was clear that the topic of weight loss was very interesting for the audience, but the profile did not contain any useful information for users, so they did not subscribe to the account. Recommendations were made to the content department and the situation with subscribers improved when they started making useful posts

After changing the content:

After the test period, the most effective audiences were left, namely:
Audience based on interests Confectionery products and sweets / women / 35-50 years old

Audience based on interests Fast Food / women / 20-45 years old

Audience based on interests Plus-size clothing / women / 35-50 years old

Audience based on interests Plus-size clothing / women / 35-50 years old

Audience gathered based on interactions over the past 60 days
Creatives: we followed the same strategy when creating ads - beautiful images and useful offers

The most effective ads:
The first ad received 2,568 clicks for 1.97 rubles each
The second ad received 2,443 clicks for 1.8 rubles each

January-February campaign results:
Total for January-February
Cost per click: 2.07 rubles
Total subscribers: 2,317
The average cost of a subscriber: 8.6 rubles

In March, the advertising campaign was updated, since in the previous period the main offer was "start a new life with the new year and so on". By the end of February, it was clear that the number of clicks was getting smaller

The main offer of the new advertising campaign "lose weight by summer with Petrodiet"
Campaign results for the period March-April
Total for March-April
Number of clicks: 12,218
Cost per click: 1.78 rubles
Total subscribers: 2,908
The average cost of a subscriber: 7.4 rubles
During the entire period of work, 72 thousand rubles were spent.
A total of 6,488 people were involved.
The average cost of a subscriber is 11 rubles

Number of clicks at the beginning of the work: 1,274
The cost of a click at the beginning of the work: 7.17 rubles
Number of clicks now: 9,175
Cost per click now: 1.78 rubles

Number of attracted subscribers at the beginning of the work: 636
The cost of a subscriber at the beginning of the work: 18.8
Number of subscribers in the last month: 1,366
The current subscriber price: 8.7 rubles
For effective advertising, it is not enough to come up with offers and choose images. It is very important to track the conversion rate to subscribers, what people react to in advertising and link this to the content

Recommendations and plans: In such projects, it is important to rely on the situation, for example, a month before the new year offers can be "have time to get in shape before the holidays", appropriate for the summer, today, in conditions of self-isolation, the best offers are "spend quarantine for the benefit of your health and body", etc. The plans are to work on the content, create useful posts for the target audience and use the same topics in the ads for maximum conversion to subscribers
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