How to move a business online quickly without high costs and start getting customers
Due to the situation in the world related to the coronavirus, small businesses are suffering from a crisis and incur losses. The most enterprising try to go online, but to many this idea seems even more unprofitable. But in vain!

Online sales are not necessarily expensive sites, huge advertising budgets and long deadlines (on average, an online store is developed for 2-3 months). It is at such a time that it is time to start developing your social networks — an easy and fairly budget way that will allow you to quickly get customers
About the project
A little less than two weeks ago, the owner of the Lisette shoe store chain contacted us. He, like many others, was affected by the crisis related to the virus.

All stores are closed, employees need to be paid, sell the goods too. The store had never worked for online sales before, so the company didn't have a website, and social networks existed more as information platforms. We understood that there's a lot of work, but isn't this the best time for the transition of business to online?

What was done
The time before the start of advertising campaigns is only 3 days, so it was decided to maintain an Instagram page in the form of an online store. The main task is to fill social networks with current products as much as possible and launch consumer flow to the account. In this situation, it wasn't possible to work with a professional photographer (due to the self-isolation and in order to save the budget), so in this case we decided to create photo content with the customer's hands. The main thing is to make the page as simple and convenient as possible for shopping. We indicated the price, the size range and the name of the models on each photo. The social network should become like an online store, where every user understands what is available now and at what price. This will allow the customer to process orders faster

Example of a grid visual:
n each post with a carousel, we tried to immediately place as many photos as possible, for example, it could be a selection of one brand or a selection of different brands, but one shoe name, or maybe a whole collection at once. So we tried to fill the page with goods as much as possible, without overloading the profile with posting
Example of publishing in a carousel:
Since the network operates only in the Khanty-Mansiysk district, we, together with the owner of the stores, decided to deliver according to the principle of operation of such large online stores as Lamoda and Wildberries. We organized pick-up points by appointment, specifically so as not to create a crowd of people, and also carried out free delivery to addresses in the specified cities. The buyer could order a number of models and sizes at once, try on shoes and choose only the one that suited and liked him. The payment was made after the fact.

We considered that it would be advisable to put this information in the profile header for the time of quarantine, and to facilitate the search for goods by category, we created appropriate highlights

Example of profile header and highlights:
Working with traffic
After the landing page was partially filled, we started advertising campaigns. It was a very quick start, for which we immediately received feedback. In just 10 days of the companies' work and only 5,798.61 rubles, we attracted 1,715 subscribers for 3.38 rubles.

The account constantly receives requests for the purchase of goods, over the past week 86 requests have been received only in direct and about 50 in comments. The cost of each shoe ranges from 3,000-8,000 rubles. You can already imagine the revenue if at least 30% is converted into a purchase

Potential audience coverage in 6 cities where stores are represented: women — 280,000 people, men — 250,000

The following audiences were collected:
  • Audience collected from geodata/women/ 18 - 65+
  • Audience gathered by geodata/men/ 18 - 65+
  • Audience gathered by interests women's shoes/women/ 18 - 65+/ in cities where stores are represented
  • Audience gathered by online shopping interests and engaged buyers/women/ 18 - 65+/ in cities where stores are represented
  • Audience gathered by interests men's shoes/men/ 18 - 65+/ in cities where stores are represented
  • Audience gathered by online shopping interests and engaged buyers/men/ 18 - 65+/ in cities where stores are represented
The results obtained:
For 10 days of work, 1,715 subscribers were attracted at 3.38 rubles
The most effective channel:
The most effective ad:
According to this ad, 2,359 clicks were made for 1.01 rubles
Ad statistics:
The most effective audience was: Audience gathered by geodata/women/18-65+
Spent — 5,798.61 rubles
Total transitions to the account — 5,073
The cost of the transition is 1.14 rubles
Total subscribers — 1,715
The cost of a subscriber is 3.38 rubles

The work with traffic to the account does not end. The customer is very pleased with the results of the campaign aimed at traffic to the account. Despite the fact that some points of sale are already starting to open after quarantine, account promotion will not stop, since this channel brings additional profit. It is planned to update teasers with the start of sales of new shoe collections

Also, in parallel with the traffic, it is planned to launch a competition to attract more users
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