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How to attract 4517 unique paying subscribers to the Facebook account of Jewish charity club
About the project
Client: charity organization based on the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, which unites business people. It is one of the largest programs on the territory of the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and the former USSR for secular communication of representatives of business, science, culture and art belonging to the Jewish community. The club unites thousands of famous people

During the work on the project, a non-disclosure agreement was concluded, so we cannot mention the name of the organization

Project objectives
The main goal of the project is to introduce Jewish cultural life to representatives of the Jewish community and strengthen business connections between them. Therefore, we decided that the main task will be to attract to the organization's Facebook community such subscribers as businessmen, entrepreneurs, and rich secular people. The mandatory criterion is belonging to Jewry

Barriers and solutions
This was a completely new audience for us, with a specific communication for this nationality and an unusually reverent attitude to culture and traditions. Therefore, at the first stage of our work, we had to get acquainted with the specific interests of this audience, learn more about specific news feeds, traditions and communication style, because knowing these aspects allowed us to approach the ad setup more accurately

We relied on reputable sources: the customer's website, Moscow Jewish Community Center, online magazine "Moscow-Yerushalayim". We tracked important days for the Jewish world and its holidays; determined the tone of communication suitable for the existing and potential audience; learned Jewish greeting and congratulatory expressions (Shabbat Shalom, Shavua Tov, Purim hag sameach, and others), so that the texts of posts and its images met the expectations of the public, did not cause aggression and feelings of incompetence of the copywriter in the given question
Here is an example of a text that combines business and spiritual themes:

Example of a text that combines business and spiritual themes:
Thanks to an in-depth study of Jewish traditions, we have learned to talk about them briefly, succinctly and without factual errors in our posts:
Sample text
Comment on the post
The following screenshot is an example of the image attached to the post. On Saturday - Shabbat - it is customary not to work, light candles and read a certain chapter from the book "Torah". We have developed a template where the elements of the meal look harmonious next to the greeting and useful information. This type of post is published every Friday
Sample image for a post
About the content
We have developed several templates in the branded black and blue color scheme for certain categories of posts, as well as a template with a logo for branding photos from events. Images for holiday posts were created from scratch
Examples of templates for the categories "Brand History", "Business Quote", "Event Speakers" and "Club Events"
Sample images for holiday posts
The content plan sections were developed in accordance with the interests of target audience - entrepreneurs of Jewish nationality. During our work, we tested the following sections:
Club events (announcement)
Club events (report)
Event speakers
Quote from a businessman
Shabbat shalom
Congratulations on the Jewish holiday
Holiday traditions
Congratulations on the All-Russian holiday
Faces of the club
Our team
History of the brand (founded by a Jew)
The success story of a person (a well-known representative of Jewish nationality)
Tips for businesses
Recruitment platform (posts about the labor market)
Club projects
During the work, the category "Business Tips", which depersonalizes content and is not directly related to Jewish culture, was abandoned. Work on the "Club Faces" and "Our Team" headings was also suspended, as publishing information about personalities required a long time of approval on the part of the customer, and we received a refusal 3-6 weeks after the post was prepared. But we continued to introduce the audience to speakers, mentors, and club members in other categories whenever possible, as people and their stories are always interesting to the public

Statistics have shown that posts with images of human faces receive the greatest response from the audience, especially if the text tells about amazing, useful discoveries of a person with a photo,or about charity. They also like and comment well on useful posts about Jewish traditions
Screenshots of posts
Subscribers are willing to share unique greeting images in their accounts:
Example of a greeting image
Thus, by accessing your account from an ad, the page guest receives content that meets their expectations and needs
Working on project promotion
Сollecting audiences, we relied on paying segments. Detailed targeting features are:
snowboard, tennis, golf / men and women / 24-60 years old / Europe;
engaged buyers, owners of expensive gadgets of the latest models / men and women / 24-60 years old / Europe;
people working in the oil, gas, or gold industries / men and women / 24-60 years old / Europe;
marketing, sales / men and women / 24-60 years old / Europe;
look-alike from 1% customer base / men and women / 24-60 years old / Europe;
luxury goods, luxury, business / men and women / 24-60 years old / Moscow and Saint Petersburg;
golf and expensive gadgets of the latest models / men and women / 24-60 years old / Moscow and Saint Petersburg;
employees of business centers of class " A " / men and women / 24-60 years old / Moscow
All segments were narrowed down by Jewish interests, such as: Judaism, kosher food, kosher restaurants, Jewish literature, Jewry, Jewish culture, Jewish cuisine, etc.

Only one video was included in the ad, containing clips from events of the Jewish business club, as well as excerpts from interviews of its participants

Screenshot of the ad
Facebook Campaign Results
Residents of Europe showed better results than residents of Russia: for the period from 01.05 to 21.06.2019, the Facebook page attracted 4,517 subscribers for 9.35 rubles, according to the European audience

Results for Europe subscription campaigns
Results for Europe subscription campaigns
42 241,64 rub.
Subscribers attracted
The average entry fee
9,35 rub.
The cost of a subscriber from an effective channel
8,67 rub.
Results for subscription campaigns in Russia
Results for subscription campaigns in Russia
Results for subscription campaigns in Russia
22 473,54 rub.
Subscribers attracted
The average cost of a subscriber
31,04 rub.
The cost of a subscriber from an effective channel
24,31 rub.
Plans for further work
Currently, we are actively working on launching lead generation campaigns for the club. Audiences are being expanded, a new visual component of advertising campaigns is being prepared, and work is underway to integrate ready-made leadforms with the CRM analytics system

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